We can often perform better than we think. As long as we can really show it

My programmes have proven to be very effective in leadership and team development, both nationally and internationally.

Think for example of:

  • self-management: learning and leading by examples, using scenarios to learn;
  • Establishing a healthy culture;
  • knowing people and caring for them;
  • knowledge of and care for the content, knowledge and work;
  • Building a good team;
  • commitment to mission, focus and perseverance;
  • learning to take a step back, give feedback and bring out the best

Schools and institutions

ATC_Borculo has already worked with the outdoor module of Outrac and has now introduced outdoorlearning in their educational offering with support from Outrac.

County College, ROC-Twente, Saxion Hogeschool and some other educational institutions have made use of various outdoor modules that Outrac provides made-to-measure.










For adolescents and adults who are;

  • Feeling misunderstood (with regard to parents, school, work, environment),
  • directionless or going through life aimlessly (what is the meaning, who am I, what do I want to become, who do I want to be),
  • experiencing communication problems (not or hostile communication, creating unrest, not being understood)
  • liking little to nothing
  • react aggressively (intended/unintended)
  • having a low selfesteem/failure anxiety/lack of self-confidence


Outrac is recognized by Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd

Coaching and mentoring

This program is for youth and adults.

Together with adults you go on a quest for your own path. You look for a way to work and live with energy, enthusiasm and pleasure again, and to function more effectively. Instead of being tense, you become at ease.

The challenging activities offered are ideally suited for children with a pervasive developmental disorder (Autistic disorder, PDD-NOS, etc.), a deficiency and behavioural disorder (ADHD, oppositional insurrectional behavioural disorder, etc.).


First of al it is important, to give the participants the joy of being outside. In addition, various other goals on personal development can be set after consultation.

People who work on their personal development will:

  • understand / know themselves better so they can make conscious (and correct) choices
  • have (found) a goal that provides more motivation and therefore 'sense' to live / undertake, change and get the best out of everything
  • have greater resilience and are therefore better able to cope with stress and other difficult situations / times in life
  • have better fulfilled / balanced relationships that have a positive impact on the quality of life
  • are better able to deal with time, are more productive because they have a better focus and can work efficiently
  • have a better balance in their lives, and alternate busy times of effort with times of rest and relaxation. A life (body) that is out of balance can have major consequences such as a burn-out or even illness. Body and mind must be given the chance to recover!

The goals set during an intake are evaluated regularly and reported if desired.

Working method:

I offer a custom-made programme that matches the request for help as much as possible. The activities can be offered in groups or individually. The maximum group size is 5 persons. The activities are offered at different locations in the Achterhoek and in Germany as much as possible, and in the Survival Forest of the Survival Beltrum Foundation.